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The Crystalite® surface finish includes a jewel-like brilliance that actually sparkles and will not fade, even after years of regular use.With coloured and silver chips evenly distributed throughout the surface, select Crystalite® for a pool with a dramatic brilliant finish and spectacular effect.

Silver Mist

Silver Mist



White Quartz

Azure Blue

7 layers of strength & protection

Every Crystalite® pool is created by applying 7 specialised layers to a precisely engineered mould.

Layer 1 – Crystalite® interior surface
UV stabilised gelcoat containing the sparkle and quartz-like effect

Layer 2 – Vinyl Ester corrosion barrier
Protects the colour and provides a barrier against chemicals and water

Layer 3 – Vinyl Ester corrosion & structural barrier
Chemical resistant and corrosion barrier, providing structural strength

Layer 4 – Unique Aqua Technics Ceramic Core
Provides exceptional insulation, strength and stiffness to the pool

Layer 5 – Structural laminate
Provides maximum strength and rigidity to the pool

Layer 6 – Structural reinforcing ribs & laminate
Along with Layer 4 increases the pool’s stiffness by 47% over conventional systems

Layer 7 – Exterior finish coat
Seals off the laminate from external influences

An Aqua Technics Crystalite® pool has 7 layers of exceptional structural strength and rigidity, resulting in a pool that is thicker and stronger to last longer.

Every effort has been made to represent the true colours, however variations may occur due to climatic conditions and your computer monitors settings. The final product may be subject to a colour variation and it is recommended that you view a physical colour sample prior to colour selection.