Every fibreglass swimming pool in the range is purpose built by Aqua Technics to Australian Standard / New Zealand Standards 1838:1994 under license BMP 520101 and manufactured to strict quality standards, in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System.Any pool builder can say they build to, or better than, the Australian Standard but for your peace of mind always ask for a license number.

Every Aqua Technics pool is built using high-performance, corrosion resistant, eco-friendly fibreglass with enhanced strength properties, resulting in pools up to 20% stronger. Gelcoats are mixed on a daily basis from high quality raw materials by a fully qualified industrial chemist, allowing them to be modified to suit ambient weather conditions. This guarantees a better product.

New shapes and designs have been made using a computer controlled CNC router that ensures precision moulds built to exacting tolerances. The edgebeams are true, the shapes are geometrically perfect and the surface finish is without peer.

Our pools incorporate technology that has been researched and developed over the past 40 years and are so strong they include an Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty. Take a look beyond the surface and discover a leading range of fibreglass pools designed to withstand the test of time.

Step Reinforcement

Each walk-in step reinforced with rot-proof polyurethane covered with double thickness fibreglass lay-up.

Edge Beam Detail

Pool Warranty

Aqua Technics Pools stands proudly behind the quality of each and every swimming pool we offer. When you invest in a pool from our award-winning range, you will not only receive a Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty, but also the assurance you are dealing with a professional company that offers pools guaranteed to last.

Further proof of a better pool

Aqua Technics offers a range of swimming pools that are superior in every way and meet stringent quality standards. But don’t take our word for it. Simply compare the following list of swimming pool inclusions with any other pool company to confim our value promise – you just may find yourself suitably impressed.

Leading Manufacturing Processes
  • Advanced fibreglass and resins – no general purpose materials used
  • In-house gel coat manufacturing facility ensuring quality, fresh materials
  • In-house industrial chemist overseeing product quality
Superior Structural Elements
  • Enclosed steps and swim-out areas for added support
  • Full-width floor and full depth walls* for maximum swimming area
  • Reinforcing ribs for added strength
  • Fully-matched lamination system
  • Exclusive multi-layered structure
Pool ColourGuard Technology
  • Patent protected – New Zealand patent number
  • Revolutionary, award-winning surface protection system
  • Brilliant pool colour that is guaranteed not to fade and resist the effects of UV rays
  • Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee#
  • Lasting, high-gloss finish never before seen on swimming pools
Anti-Microbial Pool Protection
  • Incorporates inorganic bacteria and mould killing anti-microbial additives
  • 100% safe and gentle to the human body
  • Provides continuous protection
  • Performance tested in accordance with JIS Z 2801
Safety Features for Added Peace of Mind
  • Modern range of safety ledge pools
  • Swimouts or generous bench seating in every pool
  • Non-slip surfaces
Flexibility in Personal Fitout Options
  • Coping stones/headers
  • Underwater lights easily fitted
  • Spa jets, exercise jets and air channels can be fitted
Quality Guaranteed
  • In-house research and development division
  • 40 years of technical leadership in the swimming pool industry

*Excludes safety ledge range
#Conditions apply

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