ColourGuard is the world’s most advanced surface finish for fibreglass pools. This is why every pool with ColourGuard comes with the world’s first Limited Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*.

Over 35 years of proven fade-resistant technology has gone into the development of ColourGuard. The result is a swimming pool that is available in brilliant, vivid colours that will last longer. Only a pool with ColourGuard can offer you exactly this.

Crystalite ColourGuard

Our Crystalite® ColourGuard range of stunning colours has a lasting high gloss finish that has protection from the effects of chemicals. Your pool will maintain its beautiful appearance and vivid colour for many years thanks to the innovative and unique ColourGuard technology.

With coloured and silver chips evenly distributed throughout the surface, Crystalite® ColourGuard has a dramatic, brilliant finish that sparkles in the sun.

Paua Blue
Black Graphite
Zealand Ash
Silver Mist
When you choose a pool with ColourGuard you can expect the following unique benefits:

Limited Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee

The world’s first Limited Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee* is available with every ColourGuard swimming pool. No other pool can offer you an internal finish that is guaranteed for its lifetime.

Withstands the effects of UV rays

ColourGuard acts like sunscreen on your pool. Its ability to withstand UV radiation has been tested and proven.

Brilliant gloss finish

A pool with ColourGuard has a brilliant, high gloss finish never before seen on swimming pools. ColourGuard technology ensures a minimum loss of gloss. Your pool has a smoother, high gloss. surface that resists algae, staining and is easier to clean, resulting in less maintenance of your pool.

Pool colour that does not change

A pool with ColourGuard will have negligible colour change due to the innovative process and unique technology used. The pool will maintain its beautiful appearance and look better and last much longer.

Stunning range of vivid colours

The ColourGuard range of stunning colours has protection from the degrading effects of pool chemicals.

Prevents de-lamination

The unique blend of specialised materials used in ColourGuard aids and assists with inter-laminar adhesion, ensuring all the specific applications of ColourGuard and swimming pool laminates are all structurally, mechanically and chemically bonded together, giving the pool greater strength, durability and blister resistance.

Resists cracking

ColourGuard absorbs ultra violet light and converts it into harmless heat. It resists the degradation of UV light radiation and eliminates a tendency to crack from UV exposure. ColourGuard has a high thermal stability and is suitable for all environmental conditions.

*Conditions apply

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