An Aqua Technics pool is the best swimming pool you can buy. It is stronger, looks better and will last longer. But don’t take our word for it. The proof our pools are better can be found in the logos below.


Fade Free Pool ColourGuard is a great addition to your Fibreglass Swimming PoolAvailable with Pool ColourGuard® surface protection, which resists the effects of UV rays and chemicals, guaranteeing pool colour that will not fade.


Pool ColourGuard Interior Surface Guarantee for your Fibreglass Swimming PoolPool ColourGuard® Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee and Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty – our commitment to providing extended warranties above standard ones.


Quality assured fibreglass swimming pool - Certified to build to AS/NZS 1838 under license BMP No 520101Certified to build to AS/NZS 1838: 1994 under license BMP No 520101. We are measured and tested by an authorised, independent auditor. Anyone can say they build to the Standard. For your peace of mind, always ask for a license number. We also comply to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


Full sized structural ribs, fully supported steps and bench seating and a wider edge beam mean the pool is independently structural and eliminate the need for secondary engineering works. New high strength, corrosion resistant fibreglass produces a stronger, stiffer pool – up to 20% stronger.

The ceramic core also provides exceptional structural strength and stiffness to the pool with the added benefits of increasing thermal insulation & eliminating osmotic blisters.


Mictrotech Anti-Microbial Pool Protection guards the pool’s surface against the growth of bacteria, making it exceptionally hygienic and safer for your family.


All pools are manufactured using new generation, high performance, corrosion resistant, eco-friendly fibreglass with improved strength and stiffness. Our onsite gelcoat manufacturing facility means daily batching of materials for a better product. Only specialty materials are used – no general purpose products.


New designs are built using a 5-axis CNC router with computer generated sculpting robotics ensuring precision moulds built to exacting tolerances. The edge beams are true, the shapes geometrically perfect and the surface finish is without peer.

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