A pool is a significant investment so it is important to do your research before you buy. When you start shopping around you will be given a lot of information from different pool companies. Take your time to read and absorb it all and feel free to contact the Sales Consultant if you need further information or clarification. To help you with your research, we have listed a few key things that you should consider before buying your new pool.

1. Pool Quality - AS / NZS 1838:1994

Does your pool builder operate under a Quality Management System and has product conformance to AS/NZS 1838:1994? Accreditation means being measured and tested by an authorised, independent auditor. Anyone can say they build to the Standard. For your peace of mind, always ask for a license number – ours is BMP No 520101. Also ensure that only quality materials are being used in the manufacture of your pool. All Aqua Technics pools are made using certified swimming pool grade fibreglass, trialled and tested to perform specifically for swimming pools. We also have our own gelcoat manufacturing facility, allowing for daily batching of raw materials by our fully qualified Industrial Chemist. This guarantees a better product. Does the pool include a ceramic core? Aqua Technics pools are made with a ceramic core which increases heat retention, strength & provides the highest blister & osmosis resistance of any pool available.

2. Pool Structure

Does the pool have a full size ribbing system for extra strength? Long sweeping benches, seats and swim outs are an important part of any pool design. Always ensure they are structurally supported and are part of the pool shell to guarantee its integrity and ensure the strength of the pool. Steps should also be structurally supported. Aqua Technics fibreglass pools have steps with lateral reinforcing baffles that ensure the step area is supported. Without these it would be impossible to ensure all the backfill is consolidated in and under the step area. The design of the edge beam should be such that there is no need for secondary engineering works. Ours have a baffle designed to support the horizontal area of the edge beam and are 200mm in width, making them structurally sound. All fittings should be fibreglassed onto the shell, not screwed on and sealed with silicone, to eliminate leaking and provide additional structural integrity. Full depth walls and full width floors allowing for maximum swimming area, except in pools that feature a safety ledge.

3. Pool Finish

It is important when choosing a finish and colour to consider factors that can affect the surface of the pool, such as UV rays and chemicals, which can fade and damage the pool’s surface. Aqua Technics’ range of fibreglass pools are available with Pool ColourGuard® technology with a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee* for pool colour that is guaranteed not to fade.

4. Warranties

Always ensure that comprehensive warranties are available with your swimming pool. Aqua Technics offers the world’s first Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee* for FADE-FREE colour along with an Extended Lifetime Structural Guarantee.

5. Filter, Pumps & Other Equipment

Consider the pump and filter size and brand. Is the filtration equipment large enough for the size of your pool? Where are you keeping the equipment and is it visible in this position? There is a high standard of pool equipment available. The type you choose depends on your particular requirements and environment preference. There are a large range of automatic pool cleaners available in the market today. Types include suction or robotic motor-driven cleaner types. Choose a type that best suits your pool and maintenance requirements.

6. Installation

It is important that your new swimming pool is installed correctly to avoid any future problems. When you purchase an Aqua Technics pool, you can have confidence in knowing that our installers are amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable in the business. The Company's Director has over 35 years industry experience and is personally involved in each pool installation. This ensures that installation is carried out with upmost precision & takes only 1-2 days (including excavation) in most cases, saving time & money.

* Conditions Apply
The Tasman – 9.5m x 4.4m fibreglass swimming pool
The Tasman – 9.5m x 4.4m fibreglass swimming pool

The Empire – 6m x 3m fibreglass swimming pool

The Empire – 6m x 3m fibreglass swimming pool

The Athena 6m x 3m fibreglass swimming pool

The Athena 6m x 3m fibreglass swimming pool
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